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  • Neck

    I walked into Lakeside Physical Therapy with severe neck pain and was unable to use my left arm. The problem had developed to a critical stage and I put up with a month of pain and sleepless nights thinking of it as a sports injury. But after my referral and six sessions with Fred, I have regained my strength, arm, and now I'm able to sleep through the night. The sessions were effective from the start and have not only gotten rid of the pain and discomfort, but Fred has given me enough information to keep better posture through a regimen of exercise to avoid the problem in the future. Thank you Lakeside PT and thank you Fred!

    Alirezah Beglarzadeh

    Fred is a great P.T. This is the first time areas in my neck were diagnosed and treated with such great results. His office and methods don't feel like I'm in an assembly line and just being processed to get in, out, and with minimum services/attention. I would recommend Fred to anyone asking about a great P.T. He communicates very well with his patients.

    Helen Rothgeb

    I have had severe pain in my neck and shoulder for 3 months. The discomfort continued even after chiropractic and massage treatments. But I am able to say after a few weeks at Lakeside PT that the pain is almost completely gone. Dr. Kim is awesome!

    Mike Rood

    I had pains on the right side of my neck, shoulder, and upper back for more than 7 months. I had tried chiropractic treatments and massage therapy before I went to see Fred. My experience with Fred was great! He is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and remarkably intelligent therapist. He could pinpoint where my pain was coming from and treated me accordingly. Therefore, my recovery was less painful. In addition, Fred instructed me adding several exercises and stretch techniques to my regular physical exercise routine for avoiding the same problem occurrence in the future. Thank you very much Fred!

    Ren Chen

  • Back

    I came to see Fred Kim approximately 1 month ago and my back has improved 100% and I mean 100%. He used techniques that reduced my pain tremendously. Before I came, I noticed the pain especially when trying to sleep at night. Since the pain is completely gone, I sleep well and I'm thankful that my doctor referred me to him. Simply put, he does what works and it did for me. Thanks Fred : )

    David Bingley

    I was referred to Lakeside Physical Therapy for pain in my neck and back. I am extremely satisfied with the care provided by Fred Kim. I was given the perfect combination of stretches and exercises to strengthen my muscles and alleviate my pain. The individual attention Fred gives his patients is outstanding. He explains the mechanics of the body in such a way that I clearly understand the purpose behind each stretch and exercise. I feel confident that I can maintain my program on my own, but I would not hesitate to return for any future needs.

    Elizabeth Busch

    I hurt my back lifting weights one morning and I couldn't even touch my knees. I looked up Dr. Kim and saw his reviews were fantastic so I made an appointment for the next day. He's an extremely knowledgeable and patient doctor that wants to truly help you. We started with small exercises and eventually, he had me doing the full routine of back exercises. The whole rehab took a matter of 3 weeks to getting back out there. The results were amazing and I feel like new again! If I could refer anyone to a physical therapist, Fred is the guy you want to call.

    Robin Canada

    My son Blake's experience here has been above and beyond what I expected. Fred's therapy on Blake has him back on track to play football again!

    Daniel Canas

    I highly recommend Lakeside Physical Therapy to anybody who desires 100% exclusive physical therapy sessions from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I told the proprietor, Dr. Kim, he needed to promote the major benefit he provides his patients – he is the most knowledgeable and personalized physical therapist in Southern California specifically offering only "One on One" therapy sessions. Most physical therapy facilities are crowded with patients who receive only minimal amount of time per session with a certified therapist. In reality, the majority of their time is spent with an uncertified assistant physical therapist.

    How do I know this? Read the following.
    Before selecting Lakeside, I personally contacted and visited almost every physical therapy facility in Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita. Almost all had more assistant therapists than certified therapists. I asked if I would receive 100% treatment time from the certified therapist and all said a certified therapist would be available or would spend time with me during treatment. None would commit to 100%.

    At Lakeside, every session, from beginning to end is a "One on One" session administered by Fred Kim, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Doctor Kim structures custom rehabilitation treatment programs specifically for you. Therefore, the first session involves a total assessment of your condition, doctor's instructions, etc.

    He's an excellent instructor by demonstrating each exercise. He also is very personally concerned with his patient's response to treatment. This becomes apparent when he continually asks throughout each session, "How are you feeling? Or "How is a specific exercise affecting you", and/or "How are your home exercises working out?" Whenever necessary, he will alter a specific regiment on the spot to better enhance the value of your treatment. It's my opinion; Doctor Kim at Lakeside has no competition.

    Ron Capizzi

    I came into contact with Lakeside Physical Therapy because of the location as a passerby. My lower back was in pain for some weeks after lifting my grandchild in such a manner that I relived the pain of on old disc herniation. I thought a good massage, hot/cold cream and some rest would resolve my lumbar pain. After three weeks there was some progress, but not enough. So I decided to call Lakeside Physical Therapy.

    During the first visit I was surprised by the thoroughness and the patience by Fred Kim. Within half an hour he had carefully examined my stiff body and the sparse movements I could make. He was also constantly checking his diagnoses with me based on the medical record provided and the previous treatments I have had. (And, surely I have had a lot over the past 15 years). He also gave me confidence that he could help ease the pain by resolving the stiffness.

    Within a week (and after 4 treatments) I have a significant reduction in my lower back pain; I am mobile again and most of the stiffness is gone. Fred gave some additional exercises and fine-tuned the daily program I have been doing over the past 2 years. He also gave me the right instructions on how to lift, and how NOT to lift.

    What I did not like? Well, I did not like hearing the true message he delivered: "your body is getting old and stiff, and is suffering some scoliosis". However, it was this same message which has brought me back to reality and is now motivating me in doing my daily exercises in order to enjoy life better.

    Eddy Gans

    Fred Kim is an excellent physical therapist, healer, and teacher. I incurred a lower back injury via a car accident. The pain would rollercoaster from bearable to excruciating when medications were solely used. I had been recommended to another physical therapist who incorporated chiropractics into the healing process but I found this to be another cause to the pain suffered. However, after being referred to Lakeside PT and after seeing Fred Kim, I knew I was in the right place. He listened and remembered everything important and I felt like I was his only patient. I was never asked to do anything to cause me any pain and never asked to bear with the pain because I would eventually feel better (as opposed to the previous physical therapist). Fred never gave me any unrealistic expectations and gave me the confidence and pain relief I needed to get better and stay better. I highly recommend Fred Kim to any person who feels that he or she needs pain relief whether it is something chronic or new and is willing to follow through with all recommendations given. If you're willing to take and follow excellent, well thought out, personalized recommendations from Fred Kim, you'll be on your way to recovery before you know it! Thank you. = )

    Laura Grageola

    I came to Fred at Lakeside PT with a very weak back and in an extreme amount of pain. He worked with me on stretching and strengthening exercises and was very detailed in showing me how to do the exercises on my own in addition to showing me how to lift and move heavy objects. As a result my back is much stronger and almost completely pain free. Thank you Fred. I highly recommend him.

    Theresa Hoefnagels

    After suffering a lower back injury playing sports, I was prescribed physical therapy by my doctor to attend Lakeside Physical Therapy in Mission Viejo under Dr. Fred Kim. Having had post-operative rehabilitation at another practice after an ACL reconstruction, I can say that my experience while working with Fred yielded a much higher rate of recovery and overall success in just the five weeks I was there. I would have liked to have had Fred's expertise with my ACL rehab.

    During my first visits, Fred really took the time to "get to know" my injury and where I was feeling the pain in order to prescribe the right treatments and exercises without taking any chances of causing further injury to my back. During my visits he focused on teaching me the right and wrong movements to prevent future injuries, strengthening/stretching for my lower back, and methods to increase my overall personal health. Every visit was a "one on one" experience where my injury received all the personal attention that could be maximized in a short visit. What made me feel the most comfortable was "knowing" that Fred really cared about my health. He stayed extra hours sometimes to ensure I was getting the treatment I needed.

    Dr. Fred Kim is well qualified and knowledgeable in the treatment and management of orthopedic injuries and conditions. As an extra bonus, the Lakeside Physical Therapy facility is very clean and the equipment is modern and seemingly brand new. I would highly recommend Lakeside Physical Therapy and Dr. Fred Kim, DPT, OCS for anyone seeking physical therapy treatment. If I may require therapy in the future, I will be returning to Lakeside Physical Therapy.

    Timothy Roberts

    Dear Fred,

    Just a quick note to thank you for your help in getting me back to almost 100%. I'm back to running and doing yoga and it feels so nice to be back enjoying that part of my life. I have you to thank for getting me rehabilitated. I appreciated your patience and wealth of knowledge on my back and ways to keep it healthy. The stretches and exercises and the "lifting techniques" are now part of my life. You are great at your occupation and I appreciate your personal attention and caring ways.

    Your follow up to make sure I was healthy was greatly appreciated. I am truly grateful to you and would highly recommend you to anyone with any injury.

    Mary Jo Stackhouse

    Thanks to Fred I was able to return to work and my everyday duties. He helped me realize certain areas I needed to work on to help my body take less strain and a beating. He gave me some pointers on how to lift better which is a big help since I work at a senior home. Fred is a really cool guy and I'm very thankful for him helping me get back to normal. If I could recommend a physical therapy place, it would be this one.

    Nino Vitug

  • Shoulder

    Although it was my first experience with physical therapy, the benefit to my recovery has been maximized by Fred Kim's knowledge of the human body. Lakeside Physical Therapy has brought me relief from pain and increased my mobility, strength, and endurance. My thanks to Fred Kim and Lakeside Physical Therapy. I am forever grateful for my recovery.

    Robbie Clark

    I knew right away that I had torn something in my shoulder from the pain. My internist recommended Dr. Scott Graham, whose technique and expertise in this field I respected greatly. I underwent surgery with Dr. Graham during which more than just a simple rotator cuff tear was skillfully repaired. He directed me to Fred Kim, at Lakeside Physical Therapy, which I found to be conveniently located next to the Lake. The facility was easily accessible, bright, and cheerful and filled with modern, up-to-date equipment. Fred Kim put me at ease right away and carefully taught me how to build up the muscles supporting my shoulder to prepare for my upcoming procedure.

    Then my real work with Fred began. In a hands-on approach with a great deal of compassion and concern for my comfort and safety, he taught me how and encouraged me to regain movement and to regain strength in my injured shoulder.

    Fred is careful, individualized, challenging and thoughtful. He really tries to make life better while he helps his patients, expressing concern for their comfort and quality of life. He constantly renews his knowledge and is professional at all times. I would highly recommend him as a Physical Therapist to any one of my friends and family.

    I may not have the arm and shoulder I had 12 years ago before the breast cancer, but I certainly have better use of them than I did before the rotator cuff injury!

    Lois Anne Fornwalt

    For the last several months I have been receiving exceptional care from Fred Kim, owner of Lakeside Physical Therapy, rehabilitating my shoulder after surgery. Fred is a leader of professionalism, knowledge, and experience in our community. He provides personalized attention and genuine concern with every patient. His facility in Mission Viejo is bright, clean, and equipped with all the latest standard and specialized equipment. As a direct result of my physical therapy, I have been able to regain my strength, range of motion, and endurance. I will never forget Fred's warmth and compassionate nature, attentiveness to his patients, level of confidence and knowledge, sharp perceptions, keen awareness, healing hands and for assisting me with my recovery.

    Lori Krisch

    Before I started physical therapy at Lakeside PT, I could not raise my left arm above my upper chest area. I couldn't reach behind my head nor play my guitar which I need to do in my teaching job. After 2 weeks in therapy at Lakeside, Fred Kim had me reaching above, behind and around my head and body (back, neck). Fred Kim had me on a thoughtful regimen of appropriate exercises that showed near immediate success. Fred provided one-on-one supervision and hands-on therapy at each session. I highly recommend Fred Kim and Lakeside PT.

    Stephen Myer

    Doctor Kim and Lakeside Physical Therapy was the perfect match for me and my recovery. Doctor Kim provided both encouragement and exhortation. He pushed me to my limits while keeping my repaired shoulder safe. He inspired me to maximize my efforts. The result is that I am on a full recovery and a continuation of my normal, if not better-than-normal, life. I could not have done it without Doctor Kim and Lakeside Physical Therapy nor could I imagine doing as well with any other place. Many thanks for my return to health and recovery from surgery.

    Thomas Rucktenwald

    After waking up one day unable to move my right arm and visiting Dr. Stouder at Saddleback Family and Urgent Care Medical Group, I was given some medications and referred to Lakeside Physical Therapy. Now the medications did take down the inflammation that was causing the issue, but honestly, if it wasn't for Fred Kim at Lakeside, I honestly don't think I'd feel as good as I do now.

    In the past, I was sent to a place for physical therapy by another doctor, and honestly, I felt like I was just there to put in time, I was told 'Ok, do this and this and I'll check in on you,' whereas with Lakeside, I was left feeling like I actually mattered and getting back my range of motion in my arm without the pain mattered to Fred, not just to me. At every visit, I'd be asked to show how much progress we had achieved by the treatments there and with the exercises, he gave me to do while at home as well. I wish I could say that about the place I went to for my right knee after my medial meniscus was operated on because my arm feels like it has healed up and I can't say that about the knee after almost 15 years.

    I really do have to say that it was nice to be treated by two people who cared more about the person in pain, than about if there was or wasn't insurance involved. Being one of the many without insurance, I've been to many places that say 'so sorry, no cash patients,' and with both Doctor Stouder at Saddleback and Fred at Lakeside, that didn't matter. I appreciate both of them for showing that there are still people in the medical fields who got into it to see people feeling better, instead of to just get rich off their professions.

    There aren't too many places that I would recommend someone go to for medical treatment. Both of these professionals I really do have to thank for making this disabling issue I had of not being able to use my arm at all, a non-issue. Being right-handed, not having my arm working as I do now...let's just say life wouldn't have been the same.

    Steve Shoemaker

    I was referred to Lakeside Physical Therapy after having bicep tenodesis on my right shoulder. I was really impressed with the level of care I received from day 1 to discharge. First of all, the clinic is top notch. It's clean, spacious, well-equipped, and they have private treatment rooms for those who need a little more privacy. They also had really great service from the front office to the treatment received in the clinic. When I scheduled my appointments, it was always pretty easy to get a time that was convenient for me, and when I came to my appointments, I almost never had to wait longer than 30 seconds to get started.

    The treatments were 1 hour each and I was always seen by Fred, my physical therapist. Fred was attentive to my needs and made sure that I didn't do anything to screw up my surgery by educating me on what the surgery actually entailed. At the same time, he used his hands really well to help me get back my range of motion. When the time was right, he really pushed me hard to strengthen my shoulder, and I'm so thankful that he did because it made me confident that I could go back to my job, which is really physical at times. Each time I left the office, I felt better educated, more flexible, and stronger.

    Though I hope I never need to go to physical therapy again, I will definitely go to Lakeside Physical Therapy for any future PT needs because of their great customer service, hands-on care, and professionalism.

    Matt Wagner

  • Elbow/Hand

    I could return to work with no restrictions. Fred seemed to find the most effective exercises for my type of injury and I was able to increase the weight and repetitions with each session, therefore strengthening the area of need.

    Fred's manner and expertise were a pleasure to work with and his facility was immaculate, calm, and conducive to healing. I would highly recommend Fred as a physical therapist.

    Nora Derenze

    When I first came to Lakeside Physical Therapy, I was coming in because I had fractured my wrist and had an operation to fix it. When my doctor removed my cast, my hand and wrist were really weak and stiff. I didn't really know what to expect, but Fred did a really good job of helping me get my motion and strength back. Now I can do anything I want including taking care of my grandchildren! I would highly recommend him and his clinic to any of my friends and family.

    June Kassim

  • Hip

    Nobody could tell me what my injury was or how to fix it until I got a referral to Dr. Kim. Almost immediately, he identified the injury and created a plan to quickly and efficiently solve my pain and strengthen the afflicted area. After just a month, I am completely pain-free and much, much stronger than when I came. His positive attitude, welcoming manner, and sense of humor made the entire experience extremely enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone with any injury. Thank you so much for your help.

    Jessie Thornburg

  • Knee


    Just wanted to pass onto you how much I appreciate how you have been able to help me work through my knee pain. The one-to-one full hour sessions allowed plenty of time to get to the root of the issues, which as you know, were not easy to determine. I also appreciate the genuine concern and dedication to a long-term fitness approach that will help me overcome bad habits and implement good ones. This approach has not only helped me deal with my knee pains, but also potential issues in other joints. If anyone ever asks for a recommendation, please free to contact me anytime.

    Peter Wirengard

    I completed three months of physical therapy with Fred Kim and have made excellent progress. Fred explains each exercise in detail and provided printouts for use at home. I progressed much faster in my recovery thanks to the excellent program Lakeside provided. Fred pushed me enough to keep me motivated to continue all of the exercises at home. At the end of 3 months, my insurance deductible re-started and owing to some financial challenges I am having, I decided to suspend my PT. Fred designed a program for me at home for months 4 to 6 at no additional cost. Fred Kim is an outstanding healthcare professional and I would highly recommend him to patients.

    Marc Baines

    My doctor prescribed physical therapy for my right knee as a possible means of avoiding surgery. Although I was a bit skeptical of the outcome, I began 2-3 sessions a week with Fred Kim at Lakeside. I expected that after 3 or 4 weeks, when the doctor's steroid injection wore off, I might again be in pain. Nearly two months later, my knee feels great mostly, I think, due to the physical therapy regimen Fred administered. His one-on-one treatment of patients is rare in an industry that often relies on college student assistants to work on patients. I highly recommend.

    Paul Goldman

    Lakeside Physical Therapy is a state of the art modern facility. Most of all, the expertise and the medical knowledge of the therapists is most impressive. They really took time to explain the treatment program most beneficial to my injury. I highly commend the therapists for the personal care and treatment they provided to me when I was in so much pain. I could not walk and not be in pain. When I started my therapy, I noticed a magnified difference in my ability to walk without being in tremendous pain. They provided me with strengthening exercises and they helped me understand my injury which helped my overall progress. I highly recommend Lakeside Physical Therapy to anyone who experiences pain caused by an injury or accident.
    After therapy, I am pain free and can go back to my normal activities. Thank you Lakeside Physical Therapy for your compassion, knowledge and care you provided to me.

    Jennifer Grosh

    When I first came to Lakeside PT, I had many problems to work out with my knee. First of all, 1 week after my knee surgery, I had a heart attack. So needless to say, my getting started on therapy was delayed. I chose to go to Lakeside. My therapist, Fred Kim, was very attentive and sensitive to my unique situation. We worked very diligently on my knee. The hours were flexible, the equipment is top notch. The facility is very clean and sanitary.

    As far as the philosophy and methods of treatment go, they were top notch. Also, in just a few short weeks, we progressed from barely walking, unable to negotiate stairs, and with quite a bit of pain, to doing very well, with no pain, on all the aforementioned activities.

    I would highly recommend Lakeside and Fred Kim to anyone who is interested in a rapid recovery, which is aided by a total professional atmosphere.

    Derwin Hebeler

    I found my experience with Fred Kim of Lakeside Physical Therapy both challenging and rewarding. Fred's knowledge and skills of the rehabilitation process are valuable to his patients. His personal attention and motivation techniques that were adapted for me were most rewarding.

    Fred Kim has high standards and goals for his patients so they may successfully return to normal physical activities. I highly recommend him for anyone that needs physical therapy.

    Daniel Kirby

    I came to see Dr. Kim right after my knee surgery. My knee was in very bad shape. After 3 months of physical therapy, I feel like a new man and I can do things that I couldn't do even before the surgery. I went to a few physical therapists before and I can honestly say that Dr. Kim is so far the best. He loves his job and the results are incredible. In the future, if anybody should ask me about a good PT, I can tell them that I know the best in the business. Thanks so much.

    David Kittler

    I feel Lakeside Physical Therapy gave me top quality help with my total knee replacement rehabilitation. Fred Kim ran me through a well organized regimen of exercises to get me as close to total recovery as possible. Fred gave 100% of his time to me in each session paying great attention to my pain level while giving me a realistic guide to goals I wanted to achieve. I never felt rushed during our sessions. His work methods and patient friendly manner made me look forward to each new workout. Thanks Fred!

    Nicholas McCurdy

    Fred has been a key element of my recovery. He has spent considerable time not only educating me on how best to recover, but patiently working me within my means and pushing my recovery in a gentle but firm manner. I have had excellent results and I credit Fred's knowledge, experience and patience. I certainly recommend his practice to all who may have a need.

    Ron Tedesco