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Welcome to Lakeside Physical Therapy
in Mission Viejo

Lakeside Physical Therapy is dedicated to alleviating pain and restoring function to the residents of Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities in South Orange County. Our secret to success is that we treat each patient one-on-one, with the same physical therapist on each visit. This approach to patient care allows us to treat each person as an individual, allowing us to personalize and tailor our treatments according to each patient's unique needs. To help meet rehabilitation goals we utilize highly skilled hands-on treatment techniques, appropriately prescribed exercises, modalities, along with patient education.

Lakeside Physical Therapy
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The Rotator Cuff Workshop is for people suffering with shoulder pain who are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally without medications, injections and surgery.

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What Our Patients Have Told Us...

  • after my referral and six sessions with Fred, I have regained my strength, arm, and now I'm able to sleep through the night. The sessions were effective from the start and have not only gotten rid of the pain and discomfort, but Fred has given me enough information to keep better posture through a regimen of exercise to avoid the problem in the future. Thank you Lakeside PT and thank you Fred

    Alirezah B

  • I came to see Fred Kim approximately 1 month ago and my back has improved 100% and I mean 100%. He used techniques that reduced my pain tremendously. Before I came, I noticed the pain especially when trying to sleep at night. Since the pain is completely gone, I sleep well and I'm thankful that my doctor referred me to him. Simply put, he does what works and it did for me. Thanks Fred. 😊

    David B.

  • Although it was my first experience with physical therapy, the benefit to my recovery has been maximized by Fred Kim's knowledge of the human body. Lakeside Physical Therapy has brought me relief from pain and increased my mobility, strength, and endurance. My thanks to Fred Kim and Lakeside Physical Therapy. I am forever grateful for my recovery.

    Robbie C.

  • I could return to work with no restrictions. Fred seemed to find the most effective exercises for my type of injury and I was able to increase the weight and repetitions with each session, therefore strengthening the area of need. Fred's manner and expertise were a pleasure to work with and his facility was immaculate, calm, and conducive to healing. I would highly recommend Fred as a physical therapist.

    Nora D.

  • Nobody could tell me what my injury was or how to fix it until I got a referral to Dr. Kim. After just a month, I am completely pain-free and much, much stronger than when I came. His positive attitude, welcoming manner, and sense of humor made the entire experience extremely enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone with any injury. If anyone ever asks for a recommendation, please free to contact me anytime. Thank you so much for your help.

    Peter W.

  • Fred was very informative and thorough in all phases of my rehabilitation. He asked the right questions and took the time to explain the process and why things were the way they were. The facility was top notch as was the care. I will be recommending him to my friends and family should they ever need physical therapy in the future. Thanks Fred!

    Tom H.